Dubble Bubble Spiral Gumball Machine

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Just because you are a grown up now, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on simple pleasures of childhood. This Dubble Bubble gumball machine phone is like a blast from the past, when there is an incoming call circus music starts playing and the flashing lights add to the excitement. What’s more a treat in the form of a gum ball pops out of the slot; a reward for answering the call. As it is most of us are busy avoiding taking calls due to hectic schedules!

Maxim Manufacturing and Marketing knows new products drive sales, so the company is now proud to offer Dubble Bubble gumball machines that adults and children are sure to love. The Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine stands 6 inches high, is made of durable plastic and has a red base, clear globe and black panel on the front. The gumball machine contains 3 ounces of top-selling Dubble Bubble gumballs. The suggested retail price for the Dubble Bubble gumball machine is $1.99 to $2.99. When price and quality count, this gumball machine will not disappoint. Maxim Manufacturing and Marketing, established in 1981, specializes in the confectionery category and developing exciting gum and novelty items.

Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine (Medium)

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The Dubble Bubble gumball machine phone helps keep your kid occupied for a whole three seconds as a toy, but it can also be used as an actual phone. Whenever there is an incoming call, circus music will start playing while flashing lights get to work to add to the overall cheery atmosphere. In addition, a gumball will pop out as a Pavlovian reward, letting those with a sweet tooth to ask their friends to call them over and over again. $139 is a bit pricey for a novelty item like this, if you ask me.

Double the favor fun at your next event with these colorful classic Dubble Bubble gumball machine favors. Whether you're having an event for kids or just want to give your guests the chance to feel like kids again, these gumball machine favors are just the sweetest. Each functioning plastic gumball machine measures 2.5" x 5" and resembles the classic shape with a red base and top and a Dubble Bubble-logo-decorated clear globe that reveals the colorful gumballs inside. Just turn the silver colored crank and a gumball is dispensed below. The top also screws off for insertion of replacement gumballs. Perfect as Bar and Bat Mitzvah favors, Sweet Sixteen's and much more, these Fashioncraft exclusive favors are individually shrink wrapped and bulk packed with a colorful gumball design "For You" tag attached. 50 grams of Dubble Bubble brand assorted color gum produced in Canada is included.