Collecting the best priced electric cars for kids.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer


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This black Mercedes Benz ride-on car is also among the most bought electric cars for kids by parents!
It is gorgeous, spacious and it holds two riders!
Double the fun!
Needless to say it makes an exceptional Christmas gift idea for little boys!

This gorgeous Power Wheels black Escalade ride-on is also among the most popular electric cars for kids being sold!
Besides looking gorgeous, it also fit two children, has a cool working radio, a battery charge indicator, real working doors and two speeds: 2.5 mph and 5 mph.
Buyers said it is very roomy inside and it fits two kids without a problem!
This little boy is having a blast with his new Escalade!

Third-Generation Henes Broon Electric Cars For Kids - MIKESHOUTS

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    Look at this cute red electric car for toddlers!
    It’s the latest red Mercedes model!
    It is gorgeous and very realistic!
    What a wonderful gift idea for birthdays or Christmas!
    It fits little kids from 2 to 5 years old.
    It also fits TWO kids!
    Just perfect!
    One of the fanciest electric cars for kids from this page!

    How about this electric Ferrari ride-on car for kids?
    It is one the hottest electric cars for kids up to date!
    Your little boy (or girl!) will be the center of attention when riding his cool Ferrari ride-on around the block!
    It is very popular!
    Daddies love to buy this gorgeous electric car for their toddler boys!
    The max. speed is also 5 mph but you can adjust it for 3 mph until your little boy gets the hang of it.
    The battery will last for approximately 90 minutes per charge.
    Look at how fast this child is going on this cool Ferrari!