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FAO Schwarz toy store in NYC closing July 15 - USA TODAY

The FAO Schwarz toy store in midtown Manhattan will close in July because of rising rents, leaving the 153-year-old brand without a retail outlet.

Magnus Matthiasson of Los Gatos toted 3-year-old daughter Colby on his shoulders around the store. He said the family also stops at FAO Schwarz stores in other cities, such as Chicago, when they can -- a habit that reflects the chain's tourist-heavy customer base.

FAO Schwarz toy store closing - May. 15, 2015 - CNNMoney

Photo Walkthrough
FAO Schwarz Store Closing
December 12, 2003

The front of the General Motors Building as taken from across the street on the West side of 5th Avenue.

That whole structure that was in front of the General Motors building's front entrance is gone now. The structure has been replaced by the 5th Avenue Apple Store's giant glass cube. To the right you can see the old main entrance to FAO Schwarz.

FAO Schwarz Toy Store New York City - YouTube

Store manager confirmed with The Chronicle that the Union Square FAO Schwarz store will be among the first casualties in 2003 when FAO Inc., the parent company, unloads stores in its attempt to avoid bankruptcy.

The new FAO Schwarz toy collection will be designed by ThreeSixty. It will "draw upon the one-of-a-kind products and legendary in-store experience at the FAO Schwarz flagship store in New York City," the company said.