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Another modern design showcases a stroller that includes the possibility for the lower body to be elongated, thereby transforming the stroller into a . Steering occurs by leaning towards either side. Depending on the model, it can be equipped with a foot- and/or handbrake. Speeds up to 10 mph can be reached. The first stroller of this kind was the so-called “Roller Buggy”, developed by industrial designer Valentin Vodev in 2005. In 2012 the manufacturer Quinny became interested in the concept and teamed up with a Belgian studio to design another model.

In June 1889, William H. Richardson patented his idea of the first reversible stroller. The was designed so it could face out or in towards the parent. He also made structural changes to the carriage. Until then the axis did not allow each wheel to move separately, Richardson’s design allowed this, which increased maneuverability of the carriages. As the 1920s began, prams were now available to all families and were becoming safer, with larger wheels, brakes, deeper prams, and lower, sturdier frames.

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The stroller is a big, expensive purchase and there are so many models, it's not surprising that shopping for one makes new parents anxious. The good news: Any JPMA-certified stroller will do. The bad news: You'll end up buying more than one anyway as your needs change and your first stroller gets worn out. But here are some basics to get you started.

Bugaboo introduced the first Cameleon stroller in 1999, with the idea to create the perfect all-in-one: a stroller that’s flexible enough to go anywhere and everywhere. This was the blueprint for today’s Bugaboo Cameleon³. The combination of high performance, long-lasting quality and innovative design, plus countless fashionable special editions, has made it a true design classic.