The First Years Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Insulated Sippy Cup, 9 Ounce (Color and design may vary)


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I?m very surprised at the durability of this cup, and I would have to say that?s the best benefit to purchasing the First Years Self-Righting Training Cup. Our cup has survived my son and daughter first of all. Not to mention many friends who have blessed us with visits over the years. It?s also survived sandboxes, the elements from being outdoors and four major household moves. I can?t say the same for the Advent Trainer Cup. That cup was only introduced to my daughter, and never had to move with us, and two parts are missing! With the Advent cup you have to keep up with four pieces, but with the First Years cup, you only have to deal with two. Another plus.

My kids just never took to the First Years cup. My children are drinkers, they like several ounces of drink at a time?but the first years cup only holds a mere 4 oz at a time. Not to mention, since it?s not spillproof, they can?t leave their high chair with it either. The First Years Self-Righting Trainer Cup is a decent cup for the money; I just don?t like the short usability life span and the fact it?s not spillproof. The self-rightablity doesn?t really mean a hill of beans to me. However, if you?re looking for a training cup to stand the test of time, and maybe be used by a slew of cup trainers, then by all means get yourself one!

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    Interchangeable lids fit most of The First Years reusable cups. "Sweat-proof" surface makes cups easier to grip. Dishwasher safe; BPA Free; Phthalate free. About the Product.
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    Favorite Disney characters will make this your little one's favorite cup. These 9 oz. Cups feature double layer insulation to keep liquids cold for longer and a sweat-proof design that makes the cup easier for kids to grip. Moms will love the easy-to-clean one piece lid, with built-in valve and no small parts to lose. And to make life even easier, all of the first years reusable cups with one piece lid are interchangeable-which means you can keep the cup even when your child has grown out of a sippy cup spout.