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Fisher Price Escalade in Trinidad Part 1

The neutral sleek black color scheme and shiny fake chrome bling universally appeal to boys and girls alike. However, if first choice is a girl’s 2 seater . With limited production, finding one of these cute Fisher Price pink Escalade ride on car toys can be a challenge and can be considerably more expensive.

Aside from an amazing appeal, the Hybrid Escalade has spacious room that allows two toddlers to sit comfortably while riding around town. The Fisher Price Hybrid Escalade also has a radio that is perfect for little ones and a battery charger indicator that tells users when more juice is needed. The chrome wheels and working doors will make any toddler feel that he or she is driving a real automobile. The Fisher Price Hybrid Escalade is typically priced at $899, but often sells for half the price at Toys “R” Us and other toy outlets.

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