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Your new baby is suddenly not so new anymore. Now you have to think about reserving a space at the dining table for your growing bundle of joy. If you have a small apartment, then a traditional bulky high chair may not be the best choice for your family. Smaller high chairs are rapidly becoming a norm for parents who look for convenience and ease of use. The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is the perfect product for this purpose. It is a small high chair that does a big job.

The main downfall with the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is one's ability to fully clean the chair in its entirety. The straps of the chair get dirty quite easily and there is no way to take them off to clean them without pulling apart the entire chair. Customers often complain about having to unscrew too many screws just to be able to fully clean the chair.

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For people who live in a small house or apartment, space is usually the biggest issue. Finding a place for everything usually takes some thought and ingenuity. This problem is further compounded when a new baby is added to the mix. High chairs are usually very big and take up quite a bit of room in a small space. This can easily be avoided with the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair that comes with all the convenience that any new parent needs.