Episode V: The Flappy Birds Strike Back

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There were reports earlier this month that Nguyen was “considering” bringing Flappy Bird back to the App Store. The official reason for it being taken down has never revealed, though most speculations indicated legal hazards. The Super Mario skinned interface could have faced a lawsuit from Nintendo. Fans on the other hand loved it, and it was estimated that the creator was making around $50,000 every day from ads alone. Back in the month, he had mentioned that the game would carry a cautionary message against excessive gaming addiction.

Many may remember committed users of the viral app Flappy Bird lamenting their sorrows at the apparent death of the strangely addictive game back early February, when its creator, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen abruptly pulled the popular app from the app store, claiming that it was too addictive. This came as an act of sheer aggressiveness to Flappy Bird players, who, since around January, when the app had taken off, had become attached flying their little pixelated Flappy Birds around the obstacles of the game. One incredibly devoted former Flappy Bird player even went so far as to start a White House petition for President Obama to help bring the game back. However, it seems that all of this uproar may have been in vain, and that Flappy Bird players far and wide can now rejoice. When the app creator was asked via Twitter on Wednesday if he was going to put Flappy Bird back into the App Store, Nguyen said that Flappy Bird will indeed come back, but not soon.

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    Wow, I was really amazed by how much this looks like the original Flappy Bird! I've been searching for more then a whole month for the closest version but all of then had different backround, bird, and even the tubes. So if your looking for Flappy Bird back in the App Store, I suggest you choose Flying Bird!

    With other addictive games on the market such as Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, and Angry Birds equaling the success of Flappy Bird, some wonder if or why it was really necessary for Nguyen to pull Flappy Bird from the market. The Flappy Bird gamer who started the White House petition, preferring to be known only as “D.S.,” asked in his statement for the Obama administration to “save the millions who have lost their game or have yet to start playing,” by bringing Flappy Bird back. The petition needed to gather 100,000 signatures by March 15, and as of Thursday, it had only 11. On Saturday it was pulled.