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DC Comics Flash Action Figure, 12"


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On Monday, the director took to Twitter to reveal that he has completed yet another draft of the script. (Geoff Johns, president of DC Entertainment and co-chief of DC Movies, is also to develop Barry Allen’s solo venture for the big screen.) Standing on top of the script appears to be a Funko Flash toy, as well as one of Cyborg.

Perhaps the coolest part of this whole deluxe action figure set is a sheet of colored plastic representing a trail of Speed Force energy that can be connected to Kid Flash’s back at one end and the end of the base at the other. When I first saw the streak of energy photographed in prototypes, I thought it was one of the most fun and exciting ideas ever for an accessory for a speedster action figure. Now that I have it, it fully meets my expectations and is one of the best display items ever conceived to complement a Flash toy. The energy streak was pure genius in theory, and Mattel managed to pull it off beautifully in the execution.

Flash Toy Figure by Rodschach on DeviantArt

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