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Foam Edge Protection - Packaging ONE

To protect the frame, I used foam corner protectors and foam edge protectors. I bought mine from based in Birmingham. You can also order from them on-line.

ProtectaFoam™ Profile A foam edge protectors are supplied with a right-angled cut and include a self-adhesive fixing. Available in black/yellow.

Buy KidCo® Foam Edge Protector in Black from Bed Bath & Beyond

Closed cell foam edge protection

Specifically designed to give edge protection on products such as high quality furniture, doors, glassware, electrical goods etc. This versatile product comes in an extensive range of of sizes and profiles. Where edge protection is critical for your products, we will have a profile to suit. Delivery restrictions apply due to bulky nature of this material.

Foam edge protector, corner protectors - Component Force

Protecting items from damage caused either by knocks in handling or through transportation and deliveries are easily solved with edge protection foam. Odourless and of closed-cell structure, the foam edge protectors are very resilient and offer non-abrasive characteristics fully protecting just about any manufactured product.

I first put the corner pieces onto each corner of the frame, and then measured and cut the foam edge protector strips so that it covered the space in between the corner pieces.