(5) White Wedge Foam Tiles 21” x 3” x 3”

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Gray


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Foam basement gym flooring is extremely lightweight and easy to install, even by a single person. Foam provides superior cushion and will help protect your bones and joints during workouts. While we do offer foam rolls, that form of flooring is designed to add extra cushion under another form of flooring and should not be used alone. Our interlocking foam tiles, however, can be used alone and are as simple to install as locking puzzle pieces together.

While most of our foam tiles are waterproof, rubber is partially non-absorbent and may allow water to permeate through the flooring if soaked or power washed. Foam and rubber basement flooring with flat undersides may trap existing moisture underneath the floor, but can be pulled up easily in the case of moisture condensation or seepage to allow the subfloor and underside of your basement flooring tiles to dry. Once dry, simply push the tiles back in place for a good-as-new basement home gym floor.

2 Inch Blue Studio Acoustic Foam Sheet - Noise Cancelling Foam Tiles

Wedge Foam Sheets

72" x 80"

108" x 82"

Wedge Foam Tiles
1" Acoustic Foam Wedge

1 1/2" Acoustic Foam Wedge

2" Acoustic Foam Wedge
3" Acoustic Foam Wedge
4" Acoustic Foam Wedge
6" or 8" Acoustic Wedge

Color : Charcoal
Density : 2 lbs.
Tensile Strength : 13.0psi.
Life : 5 to 10 years
Compression : 60%-70%min.
Load Deflection : 62 + 6
Air Flow : 1(cfm)min.
Elongation : 200% min.
Flammability : MVSS302
Resiliency : 25%min.
25%IFD : 45lbs.
Support factor : 1.9(65%/25%)
Cell Size : 50-60cpi.
Cold Flexibility : Passes
Tear Resistance : 1.30(psi.)min
Fire Retardant Classification: Class B, Calif. TB #117
(Self Extinguishing)

Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles from Rubber Flooring Inc.

Interlocking carpet tiles come in two forms. One features a soft, padded closed cell foam backing with carpet fiber fused to the top. The other utilizes a polypropylene plastic base with a carpet top. Both options are comfortable and provide sound and thermal insulation. The main differences are that foam carpet tiles feature a flat base and offer more cushion. Plastic based carpet tiles have a raised base and will not need to be pulled up as often in the case of damp basements - to allow for the subfloor to dry out underneath.

Interlocking foam flooring is lightweight and waterproof. The foam is available in various densities to meet different requirements but always provides excellent cushion. Some of Greatmats' interlocking foam floor tiles, such as the Pebble Top Foam Gym Floor Tile, are durable enough for use as portable horse stall mats.