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Unfortunately, as with so many of our once-proud American businesses, CBS sought to outsource the manufacture of farting hippos to China. The original manufacturer of the Bert puppet, Massachusetts-based Folkmanis Inc., was originally all to happy to collaborate with CBS to develop an updated version of Bert—whose farts were dubbed in on the show for CBS-version-of-comical effect—that boasted a squeezable fart-box. It produced some 30,000 farting hippos for CBS, as well as a keychain for today’s farting hippo fan on the go; for a brief while, all were as happy as a hippopotamus unburdened of his flatulence. But soon enough, these happy hippo farts were tainted by impurity.

, a show that sometimes plays on the TVs they have on display at the Union Square Best Buy, has a years-long running gag involving a plush farting hippo named Bert (it’s funny because it’s a hippo, that farts). Now is being by the hippo’s original manufacturer, Folkmanis Inc., who allege that paid a Chinese company for farting hippoknockoffs.

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    Apparently, Bert the Farting Hippo (good God did I really just type that) was so popular CBS was selling it online. But puppet manufacturer Folkmanis Inc. against CBS, asserting that they were the original creators of the hippo puppet.

    The plaintiff is Folkmanis Inc., which says it makes "high quality, three-dimensional soft sculptural works, including stuffed animal puppets of original design."