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Deluxe Surrey Bike The Surrey Deluxe™, our proprietorially designed Surrey Bike International Surrey Company’s four wheel Surrey bikes are widely recognized in the bicycle...

Increasingly popular four wheel Surrey bikes are everywhere today! International Surrey Company products, most prominently four wheel Surrey bikes, seem to be everywhere. ...

13 Quadracycles: Four Wheeled Bike Round-Up : TreeHugger

  • Pedicabs We have a few pedicab makers listed above and below in the trikes, but the International Bicycle Fund site has a listing of over 35 pedicab producers. Highly recommended if that's the machine you need.

  • Wheel Fun Rentals has a service at resorts that rents seven different three and four wheel bikes. Might be a good place to try out a four wheeler, if they are near you.

  • Quadracycle 21 Speed 4 Wheel Pedal Bikes - YouTube

    Four wheeled bikes, pedal powered quad bikes, quadracycles. Call them what you will, they still promote the idea that human propelled transport can be both fun and functional. Below we have gathered just some of the versions that we've spied over the years on TreeHugger. No doubt there are many others we've missed to date and our readers will bring us up to speed.

    In 1995 I put up with a four wheeled bike called the Forerunner that I had bought in 1994. People emailed me looking for four wheeled bikes and tricycles, and others telling me they make them. (And one who asked to be taken off our page.) I have also been checking out the companies each year at the Interbike trade show, and the list has grown.