Beautiful queen Anne Style sofa collection from Furniture From Home:

Elegant Comfort Quilted Leaf Design REVERSIBLE FURNITURE PROTECTOR for Pet Dog Children Kids -2 TIES TO STOP SLIPPING OFF Treatment Microfiber As soft as Egyptian Cotton, Gray Love Seat

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Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture Code: MR-5084
Reclaimed Wood Furniture From Java Antique Carved Teak Table Bali Teak Furniture from Indonesia. Contact us for more details. Reclaimed Teak Wood Table Reclaimed Teak Table Bali

You know by now that products made from recycled parts and goods makes the WHOA! team sparkle with happiness, and these awesome furniture pieces made from auto and motorcycle parts did just that. Israeli recycling artist Ronen Wasserman of design studio Ronmen TinMan creates high-end furniture from old cars and bikes. The Volvo Washing Station, the Toyota Tailgate Cabinet and glass shelves fitted into a bent BMW hood are just some of the goodies Wasserman has to offer. Upcycling is the process of taking something old and instead of recycling it into a hunk of metal or plastic that can be melted and reused for another purpose, upcycling sees the re-invention of an old item or part into something new – a wonderful way to reduce landfill mass. Wasserman’s work is self-described as greatly influenced by his background in mechanical engineering, and he enjoys “giving a ‘front seat’ to the more minor aspects of these automobile parts, making sure every ounce of potential is squeezed from each one”. We applaud the artist for the creativity and determination it takes to reuse parts to create something new, instead of finding new raw material to work with.

Sassy Sparrow: DIY Outdoor Patio Furniture from Pallets

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    This favorite reveals an entire balcony filled with furniture crafted from pallets. Note the casters, which make it easy to quickly rearrange the furnishings for impromptu seating vignettes:

    The Daydream Outdoor from Dedon furniture from Dedon is the true essence of outdoor furniture, having a great style as fresh as a summer’s breeze. Emanating charm and relaxation, the uniquely styled outdoor sofas/beds are ideal for lazy days of lounging in the sun.