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Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps - 8 Straps


Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps - Babies"R"Us

Dreambaby® Furniture Straps were specifically designed to help prevent injuries that can occur when curious toddlers accidentally push over heavy pieces of furniture.

This week we’ll be looking at another system for securing tall, heavy furniture: Quake Hold! Furniture Safety Straps. The basic idea is still to attach the furniture to the wall, but this system uses nylon straps instead of metal cables. It also bonds the straps to your furniture using adhesive instead of screws, and it uses hook-and-loop fasteners to make them removable for cleaning.

Patio Furniture Strap Replacement Video.

  • Quakehold! 4160 Furniture Strap Kit Black Great Chance!
  • 4160 Furniture Strap Kit Black Great Chance

    I even made a pair of sandals from cardboard and old green plastic patio furniture straps. OK, this did not turn out so well, but I didn’t know that when I started. Win some, lose some! We spent time with a drinking glass pressed up against the wall. This was mostly to catch mom and dad discussions or to find out our punishments for misdeeds. The end result was usually a sore side of my face. The cost of all this activity was nothing but the entertainment factor was priceless.

    The QuakeHOLD! White Furniture Safety Strap is designed to help prevent damage and injury from earthquakes by securing tall, top heavy furniture from toppling. These state-of-the-art flexible nylon straps reduce the risk of furniture pulling out from the wall or breaking like other brackets