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Purchased one of these Fuzzy Fox Body Pillows for our grandkids thinking that they could "share" it; ended up purchasing a second one so they could each have their very own! They were amazed at the size & love them & we were pleased with the quality....everyone is "happy"!

This might be the most popular Miyazaki fan theories out there, but it's also the most depressing. On a surface level, My Neighbor Totoro is about a giant cuddly forest spirit that helps two girls (Mei and Satsuki) deal with the trials of growing up. But the problem is, the trials of these little girls mostly revolve around fear of death and acceptance of their mother's mortality. With that in mind, we have to consider the idea that Totoro isn't just a fuzzy body pillow -- he's the grim reaper.

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    I’m personally dying for this fuzzy body pillow cover. I slept with one while at a friend’s house recently and it was like sleeping with ten snuggly pugs, minus the shedding and snorting. Target, $9.99. There are many styles, but this white fur is my pick.