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When it ships early next year, it may stand in stark contrast to games like and Disney Infinity, which brought the fanciful world of RPGS to the real world. Finally, real gameplay figures you could hold in your hands and play with on a digital battleground. But once you placed, say, a Skylander character on the dedicated NFC reader, its job was done and all action shifted to the screen.

NECA’s line of classic video game tribute figures welcomes the most evil Gremlin of them all! Mohawk gets the 8-bit treatment based on his 1990 Gremlins video game appearance.

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    You thought they were only doing NES game figures? Nope! has busted out the awesome and previewed a Rocky Balboa figure inspired by the 1987 Sega Master System Rocky Video Game! They are working on securing all the rights to use the classic Sega Master System box design as well. This is definitely an unexpected turn for their video game series and opens up even more potential figures.

    Neither nor makes many mistakes, so Wednesday's game figures to come down to which offense is able to take advantage of the few opportunities it receives.