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This rainbow-colored gear toy is hands-on fun at any speed!

Kids love to experiment, build and create with the Georello Kaleidogears Building Toy from Quercetti! By examining how things move and what makes them turn, this toy is an excellent introduction into building and the lessons behind cause and effect learning. This colorful gears toy is the 55-piece set that includes 3 different sized gears, decorated mesh gears, and a crank - all of which send minds in motion with every architectural masterpiece. Plus, the interlocking plates make for unlimited building opportunities using these exciting pieces, which will quickly make the Kaleidogears any kid's favorite construction set!

This rainbow-colored gear toy is twisting, turning, changing fun! With their bulky, notched shape, the colorful gears are easy for children to fit onto the color-coordinated pegs . . . then rotate, remove and rearrange. Toddlers will be fascinated by the colors, movement and sweet butterfly artwork on this charming toy.

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Fluttering Butterflies Gear Toy
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melissa and doug caterpillar gear toy

I've been playing with these gear toys and the more they spin, the more plastic specs and fibers land on my dark shirt, leaving them operating smoothly. also they make a maracas sound so perhaps there will be no need for a chamber with dried beans or some such stuff in it to get a sound....

I just want to send out some happy thoughts and thank-you well wishes to all who have printed and shared this design, AVA's Gear Toy 2. It's been featured on a couple or few maybe YouTube shows and the Made photos look fabulous. If you shrink it down it seems to work as one person mentioned, and going large will likely work too.