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Safari Ltd Mythical Realms Griffin


Griffin, Gryphon, Griffon Figurines/Statues by Windstone

E3 2014 hasn’t even properly begun yet, and we’re already getting massive reveals from studios and developers all across the world. CD Projekt Red has held a conference just a few hours ago, talking about projects, the creation of the Witcher 3 Griffin figurine (more on that later) and ultimately revealing a pre-E3 gameplay trailer, the Sword of Destiny.

Male Griffin - Martial Eagle Test Paint #1,This is a our Male Griffin figurine, test-painted by Melody Pena in a color scheme inspired by Martial eagles. $625.00 #griffin #fantasy #art

Griffin, Gryphon, Griffon Figurines/Statues by Windstone

Brussels Griffon figurine June 18, 2016
Reviewer: Suzie Wildhaber from Highland, IL United States  

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Update: Get your Blake Griffin figurines. They are available for the first 10,000 fans Monday night. After all, the Clippers couldn't keep them in boxes in storage until October, could they?

Jasmine Becket-Griffin figurines are available in a delightful range of styles and themes, so you’re sure to find one that attracts you with its unique expression of fantasy. Most of all, these handcrafted figurines are true works of art, capturing this artist's signature look in amazing detail so that you can enjoy every fantastic nuance the artist intended!