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Cyber Fishing Hand Held Electronic Fishing Game

All that remained was for someone to come along, grasp onto the Dornbusch concept, strap an LCD fishing game to it and add onboard vibratory and force feedback. It was a few years till someone put it all together. The jury is still out on exactly who that was, but by late 1996, Radica burst on the scene with a series of self contained hand held fishing games that caught the attention of not only gamers, but actual fishermen around the world.

In late 1996 and 1997, several self contained, hand held fishing rod games entered the scene. These added a new dimension of reality to virtual fishing games. In addition to allowing users to cast, set the hook and retrieve fish with more realistic movements, they began to include force feedback. , a Bermuda company headquartered in Hong Kong produced Bass Fishin', the most widely distributed unit, however several other manufacturers were producing similar units in the same time frame.

Sport Bass Fishin' Handheld Electronic Fishing Game With Reel Tested

Lot Of 2 Hand Held Electronic Fishing Video Game, And Puzzle Game

In 1998, Tiger Electronics produced Virtual Fishing, another self contained hand held fishing game. Hasbro still has the online. Many, many more have followed since then.