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Qandsweet Baby Boy's Hat Cool Knit Beanie Warm Winter Cap (4 Pack Boy)


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The other differences between the newborn size and baby size is that the baby size features a folded edge and a pom pom. Newborns have enough new things to learn without a pom pom (no matter how adorable the pom may be) pushing into their soft spots. I’m not a baby expert, but that seemed like a practical change to include. Plus, I skipped the cuff on the newborn size so you wouldn’t have to worry about it rolling down onto the newborn’s face.

It’s a common misconception that newborn babies need to wear hats to stay warm (right after the birth). In fact, there is no need to rely on hats to keep your baby warm, because you will be keeping your baby warm.

Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Baby Girl Crochet Hat by BabiesByHand

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32. ~ This lovey blanket is not only a cute and portable baby-sized blanket it is also comforting for baby. The mother is supposed to sleep a couple of nights with the lovey to imbue it with her scent, and then give it to baby so that baby will be comforted by it when mommy is in the other room sleeping, or away for an hour or two. So it’s soft and cuddly and portable, and smells like mom–perfect!

Here’s another round of cuteness with this collection of knitted hats for babies, toddlers and older (some patterns even go up to Adult sized if you like). Plenty of styles to choose from ranging from bonnets, toques, ear flaps and pom poms to fun character designs. I’ll be adding to this list over time so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference, enjoy!