3.0 Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Ponto de Ruptura -

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3.1 Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Reino das Ruínas -

Hot Wheels Haul and Race Rig with 3 Die-Cast Cars: Haul your cars to the races then put the hammer down with this dual-lane transporter and gravity launcher. The rig transforms to allow side-by-side racing. With two Hot Wheels cars included, it's a race right out of the box! Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Ages 3 and older.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder System offers the ultimate track experience for boys by allowing them to design, create and customize their very own track challenges. Using a variety of stunts, layouts and essential pieces that work together or connect to existing sets, boys can be the master of their own track. The Hot Wheels Total Turbo Takeover features car activated and action-oriented stunts plus an all-new, two-way motorized booster. Boys can configure this set in a head-to-head racing showdown or re-configure it and flip a switch on the booster to send cars racing off in opposite directions. Includes 2 quick kick loops to amp up the stunt fun. When you’re ready to race, build it your way! Ages 4 and older.

3.2 Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Reino das Ruínas -

  • Hot Wheels Monster Jam
  • 3.3 Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Reino das Ruínas -

    Start a Hot Wheels Collection!
    It's 20 times the Hot Wheels fun with 20 vehicles in one incredible pack! Collectors and car enthusiasts alike look upon these 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with fondness and reverence, and kids will love joining the revved-up fun as well.

    Lots of Awesome Models and Designs
    The set includes old and new models with classic decos and hot designs. The 20-car gift pack can include racecars, classic cars, and unique vehicles like dune buggies, hot rods, Hot Wheels originals, and more. The package's window makes it easy to see which cool cars you're getting.

    Great for Play and Display
    With so many amazing vehicles, this Hot Wheels pack — an instant collection — makes the perfect gift for kids large and small! Use the cars with track sets, enjoy simple push-around play, or proudly display your Hot Wheels collection for all to see!

    What's in the Box?
    20 Hot Wheels vehicles. Models and decos may vary from those shown.

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