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Using a breast pump takes practice – you may need to make several attempts before you succeed, but because the AVENT ISIS Breast pump Begin by pumping 5-6 times rapidly to initiate let-down. Then, hold the is so simple and natural to use, you will soon get used to expressing handle down for 2-3 seconds, and allow it to return to its resting place.

Sterilise these parts in a steam steriliser (electric or microwave), or by boiling in water for 10 minutes. The AVENT electric and microwave steam sterilisers are specially designed to hold the ISIS breast pumps and the parts will remain sterile inside the steriliser for 3 hours, provided the lid is not removed.

Comments about Isis Manual Breast Pump with 4 oz Bottle:

  • Pros: Simple to use cost efficient.

    Cons: Not as durable as it could be.

    I have used my avent isis breast pump through 2 children that I nursed for a combined 4 years and it has really held up amazingly. A lot of people warned me that it is a great pump for occasional use, but not for regular use, but I never had a problem pumping for my baby exclusively using this pump, and I pumped 12-16 ou or so a day. It is easy to carry and bring along to work, and if you get the one that comes with the back to work kit, it comes with a cooler bag, icepack and bottle attachments. There are nice pockets on the front convenient for storing milk bag clips or other small accessories or parts. The cons of this pump are that you do have to be careful to make sure that you do not over tighten the top to the base or twist it to hard or press down while pumping as it can cause the entire shaft to split. I was able to order additional parts from the manufacturer and did have to replace the shaft twice in the 4 years that I used it. It is also a pain as it requires these tiny rubber circles that are easily lost and hard to come clean. I would put them in the dishwasher and it still wouldn't seem to clean them deep in the grooves of the plug. While pumping occasionally the suction would come loose causing it to fall into the bottle of milk forcing you to fish it out with your fingers. I'm sure there are better pumps on the market, but if you are an occassional or even frequent pumper with no let down issues it is defintiely worth spending less money. This pump will hold you down just fine.

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    a manual breast pump How to use your ISIS manual breast pump Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure your breasts are clean. Relax in a comfortable chair, leaning slightly forward (use cushions to support your back). Make sure you have a glass of water nearby as expressing can be thirsty work.

    HOSPITAL ELECTRIC AND BATTERY PUMPS Contents The AVENT ISIS Breast Pump is a breakthrough in breast pump design. Introducing the AVENT ISIS Breast Pump Its silicone diaphragm provides 100% reliable suction, whilst the Let-down Massage Cushion™ naturally imitates your baby’s suckling action to provide AVENT ISIS Breast Pump parts fast milk flow –...