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Bratz ® 2 Pack BFFL: Cloe and Jade - TRU Exclusive

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Here are the Boutique gals for you!


All these girls are looking super trendy in their casual but classy outfits, all complete with sunglasses and a bag. All three girls are sporting fun hairstyles, while Jade and Cloe both rock trendy fur vests! We are loving the use of different patterns, but could do without Jade’s sneaker heels! The girls all look prepped and ready for a day’s work at each of their blazzin’ boutiques.

Jade is Cloe's second closest friend out of the four, Sasha being the first. Cloe doesn't ever seem to worry about Jade's parents not knowing who she really is. When the girls are shopping for Meredith's party, Jade says she's "proud" of Cloe when she sends the lady flying whilst fighting for a pink scarf. In most scenes, Cloe and Jade are standing next to each other. Cloe accidentally started the food fight by falling backward and sending her spaghetti flying onto Jade's head. In the detention room, Jade sticks up for Cloe by saying, "When your parents got divorced, Cloe and her mom were totally there for you. Don't forget that Sasha."

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