Pocket Monster Dolls Super Cute Pokemon Jirachi Plush Toy 20cm

Takaratomy MC-042 Official Pokemon X and Y Jirachi Figure


Jirachi Toys R Us toy opening (April)

Here is a Pocket Monster doll which is devised with Jirachi as its prototype. Jirachi's shape looks like a star, which can be seen as an attractive part of this figure. Its super cute look is sure to win kids' love. In addition, the Pokemon Jirachi plush toy has a soft touch. You should not miss it!

The Jirachi toys are Toys’R’Us exclusives, but with plenty of time before month’s end you should be able to grab a couple when the hardcore collectors aren’t looking.

PBR Wi-Fi Battle 38: Jirachi Toys With Walls

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Pokemon Jirachi Australian Toys "R" Us Event

And a in the games isn’t the only way to get a Jirachi: it will also be available in the Pokemon Trading Card game as a special card, and some Toys R Us stores are selling Jirachi plush toys.

In addition, and as shown in the trailer below, there's a special Jirachi offering in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and some Toys 'R Us stores in North America are selling special Jirachi plush toys.