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CB Drums JRX08 Junio Drum Throne


Junior Sized Drum Throne - Explorers Percussion

JUNIOR DRUM THRONE / Kids Drum Seat - A solid, quality Drum Stool (or drum seat) to go with any of our kid's drumsets or junior, child size drumsets. This is a professionally-made junior drummer throne sized for that young, junior drummer. It fits a child size drumset so it will seat a little lower than the adult size drum stools. Some will refer to this as a drum chair but the standard industry definition is "stool" or drum "throne". Many of the kid's drumsets sold on the market these days don't have the chair (or seat) included. This kid's drum seat will fit the junior drumkits perfectly. It's lowest height is 18" and highest is 21". Priced Right!

CB JRX08 Junior Drum Throne
Designed with the young beginner in mind
CB JRX series drums are designed with the young beginner in mind and all drums and stands are made from high quality materials using the most modern manufacturing techniques and value priced to give you the most for your money.14 to 18 inch height adjustment
The JRX08 is a smaller sized throne designed to accompany any JRX (or other Junior) outfit. It features a 14" to 18" height adjustment and a chrome-plated base with 10" diameter round padded seat.

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    This budget children's drum set includes the following:

    16" Bass drum
    10" x 6" Tom drum
    10" x 5" Snare with snare stand
    10" Cymbal
    Bass drum pedal
    Drum key
    Junior size drum throne

    The Percussion Plus Single-Braced Junior Drum Throne gives your kid a good place to sit behind their junior drum set at the fraction of the cost of an adult-sized throne. It's very lightweight so anybody under 5' tall can still easily move it, and it's got a no-slip height adjustment for growing children.