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These are our Camo Kids Bow. The Camo Kids Bows presently come in Pink Camo and Purple Camo. The Kids Bow is constructed just like full size adult Recurve Bow but just smaller in size so kids from the ages of 4 to 10 will have fun shooting arrows all day. The reason we developed our ‘Kiddo Bows’ is because of the fun we have with our grandchildren. Our grandchildren tried to shoot the bigger bows and try as they did they just could not pull the strings back for enough for the arrow to fly. They begged for a bow of their own size. And we accommodated them and Kids Bow were born. Currently none of our competitors cover the age group of 4 to 10 years old with anything other than plastic toys. Toys are not real bows but at Smokey River Bows our Kids Bows are the real deal only very short and light weight. Making them very manageable for this age group. Making this age of child apart of the fun not a part from the fun. The length of the bows are 44″ and the draw weight range is 11 to 18# at 18 inches. The bow is available in both Left and Right Hand Models. The Kids Bows as well as the other Smokey River Bows carry a Lifetime Warranty for the Original Owner. If you have any questions please contact .

The 5 best kids compound bows are good enough for adult use but made for kids. These compound bows are very affordable and built for a kids use. Compound bows make up some of the best hunting bows on the market. Compound bows are also best for competitive archery. Purchasing one of these five compound bows for a kid is a great way to introduce them to the sport.

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    I've published several articles on making kids bows. Their creation has long interested me because of the implications to our sport. To get them into as many small hands as possible, I wanted bows that were economical, easily built, and durable. Beyond those simple criteria, I wanted the construction to be easy enough that kids could witness and participate in it, thereby valuing the results beyond something merely handed to them free. I wanted to arm the neighborhood, so to speak, and in the process inspire adults no less than children.