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Peerless Plastics KM100 Basic Rest Mat, 4-Section, 45" x 19" x 5/8" Size, Vinyl, Red/Blue


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I can hardly even believe the position I have found myself in this year. Three of my four children are in school! How did this happen? Just yesterday they were babies and now they are growing up at the speed of light! Make it stop!! Okay, a little more peace during the day is great, I’ll give you that, but I seriously can’t believe how fast they are growing. If you have found yourself in this same position then it’s time you find the best preschool or kindergarten nap mats, backpacks and lunch boxes! I’ve tried SO MANY different brands looking for the best size to fit my little preschooler and kindergartener.

These Wildkin nap mats are cushy, have an attached pillow and blanket, and allow them to cuddle up and actually get rest at rest time. Plus they roll up nice and small so they still fit in their lockers easily and the teachers have never complained about the size of them relative to a beach towel.

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The top-rated kindergarten nap mats usually have industry-leading safety certifications. There are different certificates but always check to see your toddler’s nap mat passes the fire standards (especially flammability) and chemical emissions.