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Totally collectible - one of the cutest Lalaloopsy dolls

Lalaloopsy dolls are a magic breed of rag dolls who come to life when their last stitch is sewn! Lalaloopsy Land is a whimsical world where the dolls live with their pets and Littles, their younger siblings. Starting as a toy line, Lalaloopsies have taken the airwaves by storm with shows on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

Now I bet you’re wondering what Lalaloopsie dolls have to do with fall, right? Well nothing, really, except that when I broke into my pumpkin cutters I realized that they would be perfect for the cookie version. For a girl that hates hand-cutting, this qualifies as a MAJOR epiphany.

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  • Wave 2 Set contains 2 Lalaloopsy Rag Dolls.
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    Lalaloopsy refers to a popular line of rag dolls made by a company based in California, USA. MGA Entertainment is the company behind the popularity of Lalaloopsy dolls. It is also the same company that brought the popular Bratz doll series. It was in 2010 when the line of Lalaloopsy dolls was launched under the name “Bitty Buttons”. But shortly after the official launch, the doll name was changed to its current name, Lalaloopsy.Lalaloopsy dolls are marketed with associations on sewing. The concept of sewing is said to represent the use of all things, new and old. The dolls are promoted to with the idea of not wasting any item, even if they are old already. By sewing things, old things will then become new again. With the tag line “Sew magical, sew easy”, Lalaloopsy dolls have become popular among young girls ever since the holidays of 2010.