Lego City is a theme under which Lego building sets are released

LEGO City Town 60133 Advent Calendar Building Kit (290 Piece)


My Lego Style: LEGO City Town Square 60026

On December 23 in 2010 LEGO released the LEGO Comic Builder on the LEGO City website. The user can create his/her own LEGO City Police comic easily with this.

Lego City is a theme under which building sets are released. As the name suggests, Lego City sets are based on city life, with the models depicting city and emergency services (such as police and fire), airport, train, construction, and civilian services.

LEGO City Helicopter Surveillance

Lego City features fire and police stations, gas tankers and other vehicles!

LEGO City Square 60097 - LEGO City Ireland

LEGO® City reproduces all the elements that your child sees in everyday life into iconic models that will encourage them to create a city full of action, humor and charm. All of the key themes are here for many hours of play, from the police and fire brigade to the many cool vehicles and iconic buildings that your child will love building and playing with. There is rich detail in LEGO City to really fire their imaginations, so this is a world of endless variations. LEGO City is an open-ended world of opportunities which will make their play much more varied and more fun, too.

LEGO City Square 60097 is where all the action is. The City Square has a LEGO Store, a car dealership, a tram stop, a coffee shop, a hotdog stand and a newsstand Car dealership features 2 showrooms with a sliding, transparent doors, 4 alloy wheels and a service centre with functioning car lift 3 cars and a tow truck with a tilting flatbed and a working winch with hook. LEGO Store features 2 statues, a streetlamp and a detailed interior with a computer station, boxes and shelves Tram features cars with transparent walls, a bike car and a drivers cab with opening doors Watch out for all the busy vehicles in the city a pizza delivery scooter, a helicopter, a LEGO delivery truck, a tram and a bike are all moving around.