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Building a small lego figurine!!

Superheroes are all good in movies and comics, but I must say that it’s when they are made from Lego that they truly become epic. I mean, you can even imagine and build the different headquarters and vehicles for your heroes. How much more badass can that be, right? Just have a look at these Lego superheroes and feel the inspiration. I am sure that within a few minutes you will be up in that basement of yours trying to find those buckets of Lego that you decided to store away because you felt you weren’t of age anymore. Well, wasn’t that just the stupidest decision ever? We never get too old for Lego, period! Superhero Lego Figurines are a project by Flickr user .

It always helps coming back to my desk knowing that there are a ton of readers out there that are waiting for today’s articles, especially when I have a ton to share that will most likely make you jump up and down with excitement. Well, maybe not jump up and down, but I hope you at least get a good laugh or some inspiration from it. That’s what I got when I found these superhero Lego figurines.

Star Wars LEGO Stormtrooper Figurine Alarm Clock

Marvel Super Heroes - LEGO Shop

Have you always wanted to be a lego man? Maybe you’ve felt left out when playing with all your lego figurines. Do you know in your heart that you are a lego man, through and through? Well, the best day of your life has arrived! You can now look just like any other lego man with this lego hair bike helmet.

Not only did the Lego representative give Luka a replacement (and then some), but he also backed up the boy's dad and made sure an important lesson was learned about keeping Lego figurines safe at home.