LEGO Minecraft Micro World The Nether 21106

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Comments about LEGO Minecraft The Mine (21118):

The other new set debuting next month is the LEGO Minecraft Micro World The Village 21105. There’s nothing technically wrong with this set, but it looks a bit too much like the previously-released LEGO Minecraft 21102 set from last year for my tastes. It’s still a nice looking set–it’s just not as crazy and diverse as The Nether set is.

Three LEGO Micromobs figures will be included with the 21105 LEGO The Village set: a Pig, a Zombie, and a Villager. These aren’t as amusing as the Micromobs in the other set–but yet, you get three figures instead of two! Tough to complain about that!

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We used the stock LEGO Minecraft Micro World set as a centerpiece, and built the rest of the model using the 6×6 modular system that you’ll get with your set! It’s easy to make your own world using this technique, and combine with your friends’ worlds to make it bigger.”

The LEGO Minecraft Micro World The Village and The Nether sets are scheduled to be released for sale through the online LEGO Shop at Home site on September 1st, 2013. The sets will also be available at official LEGO Brand Stores, though not your usual mass retailers like Target and Walmart. I’ll update with links to order the sets as soon as they go live for ordering.