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Something momentous happened today that LEGO Star Wars fans have been looking forward to for months. No, there wasn’t a free promo like the May the 4th Hoth Han Solo minifigure. Nor was there a new set released today. Instead, LEGO Star Wars collectors finally got their first glimpse at the final one of the LEGO Star Wars Summer 2013 sets that he hadn’t seen yet: the LEGO Star Wars Jedi Defender Class Cruiser 75025!

Even without having a personal connection to the LEGO Star Wars Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser 75025, it’s hard to overlook the fact that this ship is downright gorgeous. I don’t know how well this 2013 LEGO Star Wars set will sell at retail, but it won’t be due to not looking great.

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    Winter 2014 Lego Star Wars set.

    LEGO Star Wars Jedi Interceptor 75038 Full Review.

    Ages 7-12
    223 pieces
    £19.99 (UK LEGO Store RRP)

    Load up Anakin Skywalker™ and R2-D2™ into the agile Jedi™ Interceptor with opening cockpit, folding wing flaps and new dual spring-loaded shooters. Then take to the stars and rescue Palpatine™ from the clutches of the evil confederate forces! Includes Anakin Skywalker minifigure with a Lightsaber and R2-D2.

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    I think it’s worth mentioning that in all likelihood the LEGO Star Wars Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser is going to be an exclusive set–probably available as a Toys R Us exclusive. The only LEGO summer Star Wars sets that aren’t unveiled at Toy Fair tend to be retailer exclusive sets. This is the reason that we didn’t see the LEGO Star Wars HK-47 Starhopper at the New York Toy Fair 2013 in February, and it’s also almost definitely the reason that the LEGO Star Wars Jedi Defender Class Cruiser 75025 wasn’t shown at the event.