MB500 500W Ultra Light Bass Amp Head

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Demonstration of light amplification by an optical amplifier, using a He-Ne laser and a He-Ne amplifier tube

Demonstration of 6% amplification per pass

Calibration of detector using a fixed loss

Measurement of the effect of amplifier fluorescence on detector output

I have score it overall as a ten. It's a heck of an amp for the money. I can't find anything I don't really like about it other than that plastic grille. A lot of users talk about how amazingly loud it is for it's size but I'll give it kudos on the other end. I practice at very low volume and unlike some amps you don't need to crank in volume to get great tone. It sounds just as clear and tight at a whisper as it does cranked to 80%. To me that's a good design. The other thing I like is that with the tone contols set flat and without activating the contour it sounds great with my Jazz Bass. Given the range of tonality I get from the bass paired with this amp there very little unexplored tonal territory I can't cover or a style I couldn't play in using just this setup plugged straight in. In my opinion GK has themselves real a winner in these MB series bass amps. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one to another bassist looking for the same things I was.
Just one gripe and that's only that I would prefer the direct out to be pre EQ and Gain. Other than that the simplicity of the tone controls make dialing in your sound a breeze. It's very light yet well built and it's sound belies it's weight. That's not lightweight at all. If I was going to add to the features without adding much cost I would design a pair of recessed legs so that it could be set in a kickback position as a stage monitor when playing through sound reinforcement. Make those two changes and nothing would compare to this amp in this price range.
As well built as I've come to expect from a GK product. Well protected in shipping and easy to remove plug in and play. It was as advertised and what I expected right out of the box. The only thing I can knock it down for is the plastic grille cover. I doubt metal would have added more than a couple of pounds if that and the speaker protection would be better. A sharp blow that might pierce and/or shatter the plastic would probably be absorbed by a metal grille or at most simply bent.
This is where I'd have to score it highest. It's hard to believe a GK product this nice sells for this price. It may not be a 500w plus amp but that same classic GK tone is there, just with less volume. There's really no way anyone looking for a small, lightweight amp could go wrong here. It's about as perfect a practice and rehersal amp as you could ever ask for yet it still has enough power to tackle gigs in small venues or where you'd be playing with sound reinforcement where it could be the perfect stage monitor. If you need more you can pickup one of it's bigger brothers as separates or the MB 212 version. What these amps offer in this price range is pretty incredible.

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Blue Light Amp
An amp that emits a blue light. The reason for this is unclear.
Vital statistics
Type Part
Source Agniratha, Colony 6, Trade
Sell Price 1,152 G

All amps have a green power led light and a red protect led light

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For high output power and broader wavelength range, tapered amplifiers are used. These amplifiers consist of a lateral single-mode section and a section with a tapered structure, where the laser light is amplified. The tapered structure leads to a reduction of the power density at the output facet.