Channel Lock TV Spot, 'Bear Rug'

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This steel locking TV wall mount, also known as an LCD bracket, is ideal for commercial use. These tilting flat screen brackets hold 42" to 70" screens for a hard to miss display. This black locking TV wall mount tilts from -5° to 15°. A bracket is an ideal solution to save floor space. If mounting the screen up higher, the downward tilt ensures the best view. Users can place the screen in portrait or landscape orientation. The bracket bolts onto the wall for a securely fastened plasma holder.

I'm selling flat screen tv/computer that is lock for R600. Its in a perfect condition. It can be a tv and computer it all depends on you but it can be used as a computer for checking emails or jobs vacancies. The tv its not a huge flat screen its a mini flat screen like of a computer. The lock tv is not a huge flat screen it a mini flat screen. The lock sign is Lock 6S Power Off. If you can open it then you can buy it. 1

Channel Lock TV Spot, 'Bear Rug'

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    This secure TV mount has a locking design that is perfect for public environments. The wall bracket prevents people from tampering with or removing your expensive television. The locking bar TV mount has what is called a portrait configuration, which means that the screen is attached vertically. The low profile design measures 17-3/4"w x 24-3/4"h and protrudes just 1-5/16" from the wall when installed. Each TV mount will support very large LCD monitors and plasma screens, including those measuring as much as 70" and weighing up to 154 lbs. The bracket is commonly seen in a variety of public areas, like airports, banks, casinos, indoor malls, and museums.

    This locking TV wall mount includes dual padlocks to make it secure and ideal for commercial use. These LCD brackets are designed to hold large monitors 42"-70" in size. Each flat screen bracket, locking TV wall mount tilts and is constructed of durable steel. These plasma holders are VESA compatible with adjustable arms to suit most screens. Each locking TV wall mount that comes with a bubble level comes with flat screen mounting hardware. If special screws are required for installation, customer is responsible, and these can usually be found at a local hardware store. The locking TV wall mount shown here is strong enough to hold flat screens weighing up to 165 lbs. This bracket is ideal for high traffic areas with the use of the included dual padlocks. Each bracket contains two sets of keys so users control who has access to install or uninstall the monitor. This locking TV wall mount has a depth of 3" from the wall to save space. The bracket arms move side-to-side in order to fit a wide range of VESA patterns. Each locking TV wall mount ensures perfect positioning with the magnetic level device. The knobs for tilt adjustment are simple and effortless to use.