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The CD Lullaby and Goodnight - 33 Lullabies for Babies is divided into 2 sections; "Lullaby" and "Goodnight"(surprise). The "Lullaby" section is comprised of baby music designed to signal your baby that the day is ending and the bedtime routine is starting. The "Goodnight" section is a selection of lullabies intended to waft a child softly off to dreamland.

“Thank you so much for sending Shyrine to help us out on “What Not To Wear.” We had an unusual request to care for a baby while her mother filmed on our show, but Lullaby Baby Nurses came through for us. We had very specific requirements and all of our needs were fulfilled. Your service is excellent and we thank you for working with us!”

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    Downloads & Printables:
    Create your own music CD! Mp3’s of all the bedtime lullabies and baby songs are included (EXCEPT "You Are My Sunshine") to download from this DVD. You also get 12 downloadable coloring pages and 10 fully illustrated lyric sheets. You need a computer with a DVD drive to access these downloads & printables. This DVD can be played on any device that can read and play DVD’s and does not include a digital copy of the video. If you prefer a digital option, please explore our digital options here >>

    There is now so much evidence to tell us about the amazing, magical effects of music, songs and lullabies for babies to sleep easily with no fuss or tears. We compose music in a wide range of music styles which is written especially with babies and children in mind to help calm, relax and soothe even when it is not bedtime or naptime.