Update: sold a similar magnetic dollhouse in 1964:

Smethport Magnetic Dollhouse


Magnetic Dollhouse – Self Help Warehouse

It was my birthday, probably 1965 or ’66, and the vision of that box at the foot of my bed when I woke is still so clear in my mind. I had asked my Pepe for the Magnetic Dollhouse and there it was. In a large family where it was just impossible for everyone’s wants to be fulfilled, I remember feeling so special. I remember assembling the house at the kitchen table and even applying the decal wallpaper. My sister and brothers would play for hours and all would be fine until invariably my brother would drive the car IN the house. Pissed me off! But we would sometimes remove the divider from the living room and put it across the bathroom door, creating a jail, and apparently that was OK.
I would just love to have another Magnetic Dollhouse!

Disappointed this has vanished off EBay. Just discovered it there recently. Who knows, thinking it really could have been mine as my mother put the lingering, last great toys stashed upstairs in our barn, on the site. And yet, parts would have been in tact. Now that I work with architects, my modern magnetic dollhouse prevails and was obviously inspiration as we witness current trends.

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Magnetic Dollhouse - Play Therapy Supply: Therapeutic Toys

This highly rated magnetic dollhouse is perfect for the small playroom or traveling therapist. The 18"x14" folding playboard also comes with 33 magnetic pieces. Easy to clean and endless play opportunities.

I, too, have a complete Child Guidance Magnetic dollhouse. Not shown in these photos or mentioned are the two clear roof panels which go on to complete the house. By the way, there was no decal for the bookshelves–apparently the plastic people weren’t great readers! My set came with 6 people–appears to be 2 men, one woman, boy and girl with magnets and another permanently seated (no magnet) woman. I became adept enough with the wands and magnetic people that I could have the people rearrange the furniture. Unfortunately the kitchen cabinet unit often fell over, necessitating removing that portion of roof to reposition it, but fortunately none of the people were seriously injured in the crash!
I never knew anyone else who owned one of these, but years later met my husband who still owns the Child Guidance Magnetic Service Station and Car Wash!