the masked Kane was tronger than the unmasked Kane

WWE Rey Mysterio Mask


4) Mask kane wwf wore long sleeves, maybe to cover up tattoos?

i think its not. i think thats why they took off the mask of kane, coz they had a change of personell in terms of playin the part. coz i was thinkin that if that was still the old kane, its supposed to be nearly as old as the undertaker, but if you look at the present kane, he looks pretty young to...

When you think of Kane, you likely think of masked Kane. The original Kane. The big red machine, Kane. Arguably, the most popular Kane. We haven’t seen masked Kane for a while now. The question is, are we likely to see him again before Kane retires?

Is Masked Kane(s) the same Kane in wwe now? 2011?

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  • Undertaker masked vs Kane masked! 2012! Created By Me!

    Now if you are talking about the storyline of the masked Kane from the early 90's then yes the same masked Kane is the same Kane of the present. If you are talking about the storyline of the masked Kane showing up as of recently then no thats not the same person.

    It is hard to tell. Potentially, he could return as masked Kane at Summerslam. However, I don’t see Kane retiring that soon, as he really does ‘still have it’. He just needs to be rejuvenated by WWE Creative. I would guess that if he were to return as Masked Kane, then it would be in his last year at the WWE.