THE GIZMO: Maxell Kids Safe Headphones.

Maxell Kids Safe Headphone with volume level protection - Black (190338)


Maxell Kids Headphones pink and blue

Maxell Kids Safe Headphones

Designed for kids with controlled volume level

The volume cannot exceed recommended safety limits reaching a 90dB maximum volume (14-20,000 Hz, 32ohm, 90 dB SPL).

Small size and lightweight

Changeable cups: Blue, Pink & Silver

3.5mm plug

4 ft. cord

Manufacturer Warranty Only

Play is selling two pairs of Maxell kids safe headphones in either pink or blue at a nice discount at the moment. The pink ones are on sale for £3.99 and the blue ones are on sale for £4.99 (weird how different colours cost different prices) but using the code below you can take even more off the price.

Maxell Headphones Kids Maxell Kids Safe Headphones

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  • Maxell Headphones Kids Headphones Maxell Kids Blue

    The Maxell kids safe headphones are usually around £6.99 each so you are saving nearly half of the original price. The code you need to reduce the cost even more is 1DAY10. The headphones are designed to fit small children’s heads comfortably with plenty of adjustment room and they have a lower volume to protect their ears.

    We liked the Maxell Kids Headphones for their light weight, good audio quality and less childish looks. Price seemed to vary wildly online, and we saw them as cheap as £6. See them at for around £10.