Medela TheraShells Breast Shells

Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples


Medela SoftShells Breastshells 2.0ea

Medela Breast shells help to protect sore or cracked nipples between feeds and aid healing. Soft silicone backs and vented fronts for comfort and contoured for less visibility through clothing.

The Medela Breast Shells allow unique wearing comfort. The discreet shape and the flexible silicone membrane, which is gentle on the skin, mean that they are pleasant and invisible to wear.

Medela TheraShells Breast Shells – Bibs and Binkies

Medela TheraShells Breast Shells for Sore and Inverted Nipples

Features & Benefits
  • For sore/engorged and flat/inverted nipples
  • Our most economical breast shells
  • Help soothe sore nipples/engorgement and flat/inverted nipples - 2 solutions in 1
  • Natural round shape designed to be discreet under clothing
  • Help keep nipples dry & prevent irritation
  • Vented fronts provide airflow for healing and comfort

TheraShells #89930 Includes
  • Shells - 2 each
  • Sore nipple backs - 2 each
  • Flat/ inverted nipple backs - 2 each



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Medela Breast Shells 2Pack | Toys"R"Us Babies"R"Us Australia

Sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples are often a painful problem for breastfeeding mothers. Medela Breast Shells are designed to be worn inside a bra to help heal tender nipples while preventing further irritation. Used to treat sore, flat, and inverted nipples or engorgement, Breast Shells consist of two hard plastic domes with vented fronts, and two plastic cones that snap together to form a shell. Placed inside a bra and centered over a nipple, the shell forms a physical barrier, thereby promoting air circulation and keeping wet clothing off tender nipples. Shells may also be worn prior to birth to promote nipple stimulation and treat flat or inverted nipples. These hard plastic shells are boilable and dishwasher safe and may be worn under nursing pads. Although probably not something most moms would feel comfortable wearing in public (unless you like the Madonna pointy breast look), these large plastic shells really do work to keep clothing and wet nursing pads off tender nipples.

Designed specifically to help with sore nipples, they offer protection that allows the nipple to heal. Medela Breast Shells feature a soft, flexible back for exceptional support. They adapt to the shape of your breast. The Breast Shells have a low-profile design for a natural appearance under clothes.