Today has been quite a busy day for new Megaforce toys showing up.

Cyber Code Battle Set: Code Purple Featuring 2½" Dark Shield, Ripclaw and Gunmen Action Figures - Mega Heroes Cyber Force

Too low to display

Here you'll find the Mega Force toy line by Kenner and Tonka, 1989

Continuing to update news that Power Rangers Megaforce Toys have arrived, we now know the toys were first found at a Toys R Us in Virginia. Toys R Us stores are getting in a large Megaforce floor display that holds the following:

YES! Power Rangers Megaforce Toys are now out! Thanks to , we have our first pictures of some of the Power Rangers Megafoce toys. We do not yet know what store they were found at, or what state. Click on the images to view the full size versions.

Mega Force Cast iron, and awesome - it's the Mega Force toys


Thanks to one of my Twitter Followers, , we now know that has listed many Pre-Orders for Power Rangers Megaforce Toys. Keep in mind that the prices ToyWiz has, are not the actual retail prices. Plus, it is very likely the toys will begin showing up in stores in the next month or two.

Again, it should not be too much longer before the Power Rangers Megaforce toy begin showing up in retail stores. When that does happen, I will be updating this news story. Until then, to see what the toys will look like, be sure and check out the .