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From 22 April 2006, further South West Trains services were added: to , , /, , , and in addition to the and / services. has since been added as an option on the Weymouth line. From 29 October 2007, following the completion of the Portsmouth area engineering works, the scheme also included on the London-to-Portsmouth route; Megatrain tickets to and (on the London-to-Exeter route) were also added then.

The concept was piloted on two routes of Stagecoach's first franchise, , from to and to . Standard timetabled services by South West Trains initially had designated areas for Megatrain customers. Designated areas for Megatrain ticket holders are not currently used.

Megatrain goes to 19 destinations across England.

Megabus/Megatrain service number SWT SWT SWT SWT SWT
Days of operation MtoFr MtoFr MtoFr MtoFr Fr
BOURNEMOUTH, Train Stn Dep. 11:59 13:59 15:59 17:59 19:59
LONDON, Waterloo Train Stn Arr. 13:49 15:49 17:49 19:51 21:49

Megabus/Megatrain service number

Megatrain was announced by Stagecoach on 31 October 2005 stating there will be more than 3000 seats available each week. Ticket sales began on 1 November 2005 for trains running from 14 November 2005. The price of tickets ranged from £1 to £19.

On 6 March 2007, the announces that only 1 in 900 of the passengers carried by either Virgin or South West Trains companies bought a Megatrain low-fare ticket.