mesh teethers, add frozen juice cube

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Where can I find those mesh teething things at

I use the mesh food teether all of the time with my 9 month old. The best thing I've found? A frozen sliced peach from the frozen aisle of the grocery store. SHE LOVES IT!

I also have the mesh teethers but haven't used them yet. I've heard that putting them in the freezer with fruit works great. Just make sure it's something a 7 month old should have (not sure about strawberries yet). A chunk of banana, papaya, cantalope, etc...

I'm looking online to buy those mesh teething things

  • Mesh teethers – I ran into one of these when Mattie was teething, and it worked great. I was able to put frozen fruit into the teether, so Mattie was able to take advantage of applying pressure to her gums from something that was cold and she loved it because it tasted great.
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    My daughter loved using the Mesh Teether.
    She specifically liked apples and pears. I would cut pieces/slices to size (peal off the ) Then put in a ceramic bowl with some , put a wet papertowl over it and put in the for at least 30 seconds. This softens them up a bit. THEN, I would put them in them in a zip loc freezer bag and have them ready to go when I needed them. I am also told that banana works too. Might be messier.
    PS - may I recommend Hylands . My daughter is cutting her 2 year molars and still prefers the gel. It is not as strong as Ambesol but she lets me use it. And then, lets talk about the teething biscuits. They are FABULOUS! a must have and you can put them under your 7 month old's tounge. Good luck.

    Hi! I have used the mesh teethers with many daycare kids that I watch. They love it! You can put really anything in them. I have put the Zwiback toast, and the bitter biscuits in there so I don't have to worry abut the kids getting too big of a bite and choking. I have also put popsicles in them on a hot day and it is a nice cool treat. Any kind of fruit has always been a hit for me! Once you use it, you will not know how you ever lived without it!