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In the summer of 1994, the Mickey Mania parade hit the streets celebrating the one and only Mickey Mouse. Check out the life-size Mickey gloves and ear hat.

So this sounds great and all…but what about the other Halloween nights in October? Any night time parades/shows or specials during the the non Mickeys Halloween Party Nights??? Lost paint the night so was really looking forward to something like this but going on a non party day…

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  • I loved the Mickey Mania parade! It was fun and I can still remember the catchy music

  • Create your own Animal Video Parade

    So my family was at Disney for five days after Thanksgiving and decided to buy the tickets for the Very Mickey Christmas Party. It was approximately 300 for tickets for the four of us (2 kids/2adults. WORTH EVERY PENNY! We were able to get in the park at 4. Had dinner inside the park that night. By 7, only the Very Mickey attendees are able to remain in the park. Shortly after 5 we started enjoying the festivities (meeting Jack Skellington first).

    Park is open until midnight. Lines were much shorter than usual park times (30 minutes for Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride). Fireworks were amazing, several characters that usually are not in the park are present for the party to meet/get pictures. They also had the Phineas and Ferb Dance Party. Line for Santa was less than 10 minutes. Snow on Main Street? Sure, it's Disney Magic.

    Yes, they have free hot chocolate and cookies. I highly recommend the party. It is a different Disney experience that I am glad to have had. There truly aren't enough superlatives to describe it. Keep up the good work!

    The concept for Disneyland began when Walt Disney was visiting in Los Angeles with his daughters Diane and Sharon. While watching them ride the , he came up with the idea of a place where adults and their children could go and have fun together, though his dream lay dormant for many years. He may have also been influenced by his father's memories of the of 1893 in Chicago (his father worked at the Exposition). The there included a set of attractions representing various countries from around the world and others representing various periods of man; it also included many rides including the first , a "sky" ride, a passenger train that circled the perimeter, and a Wild West Show. Another likely influence was 's nationally famous 's Eden Springs Park. Disney visited the park and ultimately bought one of the older miniature trains originally used there; the colony had the largest miniature railway setup in the world at the time. The earliest documented draft of Disney's plans was sent as a memo to studio production designer Dick Kelsey on August 31, 1948, where it was referred to as a "Mickey Mouse Park", based on notes Walt made during his and 's trip to the same month, with a two-day stop in 's , a place with attractions like a Main Street and steamboat rides, which he had visited eight years earlier.