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Micro Chargers Pro Racing Launcher Pack S5


Micro Chargers Cars & Speedway Racetrack Set Toy Review

Micro Chargers are revolutionary miniature electronic racing cars that race at over 600 miles per hour on absolutely any smooth surface. Micro Chargers are tiny but powerful. The Micro Chargers Racing Kit includes 2 amazing Micro Chargers cars as well as two Quick Chargers for the user’s convenience. Micro Chargers are the most technologically advanced electronic racing cars on the market today, and their speed and agility beats out any competition.

The secret to Micro Chargers’ success is in the interior. Using Quick Charge technology, power is rapidly transferred to the engine of the car for incredible and outstanding performance that goes so fast that it’s shocking. This allows the Micro Chargers cars to cover a wide array of areas and huge, spacious areas like entire basketball courts.


  • Easy to use
  • Fun for the whole family
  • An ideal gift for any boys of any age
  • Easy to charge
  • Can race at over 600 miles per hour
  • Work on absolutely any smooth surface
  • Fits right in the pocket when not in use
  • Small but mighty and technologically advanced
  • Amazing value for everything they have to offer
  • Order includes two Micro Chargers racing cars as well as two Quick Chargers
  • Fast and fun for indoors, outdoors, family get-togethers, birthday parties, and so much more

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In addition to the racing and stunts, there is a collectible and trading aspect to the Micro Chargers. There are 34 different Micro Charger race cars. As we described, some cars are stunt cars, while others are race cars. Each car comes with a trading card that has the unique attributes of that race car.

Micro Chargers race at over 600 mph at micro-scale speed whether on or off the track. The secret behind this power is the quick-charge technology that rapidly transfers power into the engine of the Micro Chargers cars. This results to performance that’s so far and so fast so you can race it across an entire basketball court and back. Micro Chargers cars can be played anywhere, not just on the track. A Micro Chargers racing kit includes two Micro Cars and two quick-chargers.