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Miele has broken one of the company’s central principles at IFA 2016. Until now, Miele has always said: “A bag is always necessary in Miele vacuum cleaners,” but now the Gütersloh-based company is introducing its first bagless vacuum cleaner in the form of the Blizzard CX 1.

Miele products are for all those people who care for the way their home looks and who have a need for the finer things in life. For allergy sufferers and those concerned about their health, Miele vacuums are known for keeping the air cleaner than other brands. The Miele brand is available in 5 continents.

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    I’ll be sharing more about the entire range of Miele vacuums over the next several months, and you can also check out my for all the scoop on what I now call my “forever vacuum.”

    Best Rated Miele Vacuum Cleaners Comparison & Reviews – This is a roundup of the best rated Miele Canister and Upright vacuums currently available. Miele is a premier, german engineered vacuum made with the best materials for long life. Miele vacuums have always received the highest consumer reviews in both canister and upright vacuums. Miele vacuums are also engineered to be quieter than other brands with the ability to adjust the amount of power. Miele created the world’s first HEPA certified vacuum. All Miele vacuums use self sealing bags, to keep the dust in, when you remove them from your vacuum. With strong suction, Miele vacuums are great for pet hair removal. If they fit your budget, we highly recommend this brand of vacuums, as they will outlast many cheaper vacuums. Miele canister vacuums with strong suction, non marking rubber wheels, and parquet wood floor brushes are especially suited for hardwood floors. Miele vacuums are tested for 20 years of usage. All Miele vacuums either have HEPA filters, or have the option to buy them. Below are the top Miele 2015-2016 canister and upright vacuums listed to compare features and model differences, price and reviews.