Model 387 by Agnoli for OLuce

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Jada Fast & Furious 7 Peterbilt Model 387 Car Carrier

This manual contains useful information for the safe and efficient
operation of your Peterbilt Model 387 vehicle. It also provides information on maintaining your vehicle in the best condition, with an outline for performing safety checks and basic preventive maintenance inspections. We have tried to present the information you’ll need to learn about your vehicle’s functions, controls, and operation - and to present it as clearly as possible. We hope you’ll find this manual easy to use. Please remember, though -- this manual is not a training manual. It can’t tell you everything you need to know about driving your Peterbilt vehicle. For that you need a good training program or truck driving school. If you have not been trained, get the proper training before you drive. Only qualified drivers should drive this vehicle. There will be times when you need to take this manual out of your Peterbilt. When you do, please be sure to return it to the cab when you are finished using it. That way it will be there when you need it the next time or when you pass the vehicle on to the next user.

Your Model 387 may have an air suspension deflation switch that allows the air in the suspension to be exhausted from a switch on the dash. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to lower your tractor to get under a trailer. You will notice a guard over the switch. This prevents you from accidentally deflating the suspension.

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Peterbilt Model 387 Operator’s Manual after 1-07

very early edition of Tito Agnoli's Master Piece Model 387 designed for Giuseppe Ostuni's O Luce .
in perfect working condition .

published in the first O Luce Catalogue p.07 and in Flavio Conti's „ l progettisti italiani - Tito Agnoli “ Rima editrice , 1988 , p. 21

To commemorate the first anniversary of its Model 387, Peterbilt is, for a limited time, offering the Premier Edition Model 387. Only 387 units of this special-edition vehicle will be built. Each will be specially badged and individually numbered, inside and out, with a Premier Edition emblem.