crayola model magic putty and markers

Crayola 57-4400 Model Magic Modeling Compound, 2-lb. Bucket, White, Four 8-oz. Pouches


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We (I) love model magic. The feel is unique and it rips so smoothly. I hesitate to try the homemade B
Because I cannot stand corn starch. It gives me goose bumps thinking about it. Still, model magic is so expensive! And my kids tend to walk away and forget to put the lid on, so making it would save me money. Cannot wait for your follow up post!

By the way, I just found that is the same as the homemade Model Magic recipe. You could make this and just use it as playdough as long as you keep it well covered between use (she mentions that she left it out overnight and it dried).

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  • Olaf from Frozen - made out of Model Magic!

    As a teacher I love model magic and one big trick is that you can use markers to write on it! It actually works better then painting and the clean up is super easy :)

    At home, we like to make our own, I have a hard ime spending $10 for playdoh! But, my kids have received model magic as gifts before, and have loved it. I also love that they can draw on it with markers as Jodie said…very fun. I teach preschool, and we love to try out different textural experiences with our kids, many of which have special needs..they love this stuff!!!