More Ores and Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

LEGO Minecraft 21119 the Dungeon Building Kit


Minecraft Mod Showcase: TooManyOres - More Ores

Mod More Nether Ores Minecraft will add a great variety of ores for the hell of which you can create new sets of armor and weapons.

Download mod More Nether Ores for the game Minecraft using the links below.


Hey peoplez and I am going to show you the M-Ore mod. Basically what it is is it adds more ores to Minecraft. But wait... There's more!

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Minecraft: New ores and alloys - Duration: 10:48

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This is the official wiki for the More Ores Minecraft mod! Use this wiki to find any information you need, including current uses for all the new ores, plans for future development, and current known bugs!