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Our intention when creating Moshi Monsters was to a produce a ground breaking new entertainment experience that would be fun, safe and educational for kids of all ages.

Visitors to the site can adopt their very own pet Monster, give it a name and design its color scheme. Each Monster has a lively personality that develops the more it is played with. Monster owners can nuture their pet by solving daily puzzle games to earn Rox, the in-game currency. Rox can be used to buy weird and wonderful things in the virtual shop to keep Monsters healthy and happy. Monster owners can make new friends and connect with existing friends through a wide variety of safe social networking features such as Monster blogs, Newsfeeds, pinboards and buddy lists. We're hard at work dreaming up all sorts of new features to expand the game play and world of Moshi Monsters. Stay tuned!

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The fun and brightly-coloured wristbands take the form of popularMoshi Monsters characters and are tipped to be one of the hottestchildren's crazes of the autumn. They come in varying shapes andcolours, with some much rarer than others to increase theircollectability. Following the huge success of the category in the US,Mind Candy is rolling out a high-profile media campaign of TVadvertising, print and online marketing, as well as mass sampling asthey gear up for launch in the coming weeks.

“Moshi Monsters… the world’s fastest growing educational, fun and creative online game is coming to Texas! Moshi Monsters enables owners to select and customize a virtual monster, decorate its world and share it with friends! But starting now, you can stop by your local Justice Store or Build-a-Bear locations to pick up your very own Moshi Monster toy! Learn more and join in on the fun at !”